Gramma’s Cookies

A side-by-side binlingual (English/Spanish) book from The 365 Bedtime Stories Collection

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This is a bilingual picture book for kids of all ages. The beautiful illustration and the exciting method of baking cookies will captivate your child and help them learn:

– HOW to bake cookies and various other recipes?
– WHY to wash our hands and keep our work area clean?

Join Joey and Jimmy as they learn how to make sugar cookies in this delightful bilingual book, Gramma’s Cookies.

Little Joey and Jimmy visits Gramma Jane, she has a special day planned for them.
The chef’s hat comes out and the aprons!
What exactly does Gramma have in mind for their day fun?

Gramma’s Cookies is a heartwarming bilingual story narrated in both English and Spanish. It highlights how big-often overwhelming-tasks can be broken down into smaller steps for little fingers. Gramma’s Cookies include easy baking recipes by the author. It will help you teach your children to get more confident in their Spanish and help you turn the lesson into a fun family project by baking a sugar cookie together.

This is a must-have book for:

– Children who love to have a fun read and want to learn something new at the same time.
– Teachers who want to build the confidence of children in engaging with a new language.
– Parents & care providers who are looking for wholesome stories on family bonding.

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