Jacoby’s Magical Adventure

Available in English or Spanish!

Where would you go if you felt alone, but could travel to any place you could draw?

Moving can be hard for children, just ask Jacoby. He feels stuck in his loneliness, missing his hometown and his old friends. But his new home holds a secret surprise. Jacoby discovers a mysterious, magical box in the attic that can transport him to wherever his heart desires.

Of course, he goes to his old house. A place where he never felt lost. But Jacoby is shocked to find out the girls living there are feeling just as lonely. Can he help them explore their new neighborhood so they can love it as much as he does? And what will he learn about how he should see his new home in the adventure?

You’ll find the answers in this loneliness book that explores reality through fantasy.

Jacoby’s Magical Adventure is a truly heartwarming tale with a unique approach to the challenges of moving.

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