Available in English or Spanish!

You may be asking yourself why a wordless picture book would be published in multiple languages. That’s because there is a short personal note to the readers from Fluffy after the story. She can’t wait to tell you all about static electricity!

Zap! Zap! And Zap again. What if you could tell a story without words through the power of static electricity?

Fluffy the newfoundland dog desperately wants to get his owner Chelsea’s attention, but the young girl doesn’t respond. She doesn’t talk dog, so what can he do? Using the power of static electricity, he finds a mischievous way to get her to play. The result is electricity for dummies in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Zap! is a wordless book that brings the hilarious tale to life in a way that will make you and your children laugh out loud. Wordless picture books are a fun way for kids to strengthen literacy by building listening skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. They gift children agency over the reading experience as they can read their interpretation of the story to you. This allows children to enjoy the books together with a parent or alone.

Buy Zap! today and laugh your way through reading time.

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