The 365 Bedtime Stories Collection

(A work in progress.)
Illustrated by Querida Lu Ahn Funck and written by me and you!

When I was young, we had the 1944 book, 365 Bedtime Stories, published by Whitman Publishing Company.  This book and the stories my mother and sister told me had a profound affect.  They lit my imagination.  And now, I want to pay it forward, to my grandchildren… and your children.

The 365 Bedtime Stories Collection is meant to inspire and lit your imagination.  Each will be paired with a short fiction (250-1,200 words or so), starting with “Once upon a time…”  The story leads up to the point of the illustration and asks, “What happened next?

The illustrations are full of color, details, action or mood that pull on your imagination in a manner that you just can’t help but answer the question.  And each time you or your child reads the book, they have the chance to rewrite the story.  To explore new paths and set their imagination free!

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